We keep constant pulse of real estate & capital markets, allowing us to source and underwrite best assets for our investors. Our disciplined investment process includes market research, origination,financial/legal/tax structuring, due diligence, financing, documentation and managing exits.

We believe in creating occupier friendly spaces that enable growth and long term success of end users. Our team has a credible track record and experience in design and development process in India. Our capabilities include land aggregation, change of land use, master planning and development management as per strict global standards.

We follow active asset management approach, so that we reap the dual benefits of happy customers and ROI maximisation. Our capabilities include cultivating deep tenant relationships, leasing, property management, risk
assessment and mitigation, asset reporting, add on development, and other value add services.

TURNIT also offers consultancy services to global investors and occupiers based on its India expertise and real estate specialisation.

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